Welcome to the Inspection Database from Insight, the easy way to search for inspection information by school, area, distance and date. It will be updated monthly in line with Ofsted's management information release schedule. We hope you find it a useful resource.

Getting started

Start by selecting your local authority area. If you have opted to share your location, this will be automatically completed. Then search for a school, either by entering a URN, DfE number or postcode; or by typing in a few letters of the school name.

Once you have selected a school, their inspection results since 2006 will be shown on the timeline, colour-coded according to outcome as follows:

By default, the table will be show the inspections of schools of same type within a 20 mile radius of the selected school that have taken place in the last 12 months. You can tailor the results in a number of ways.

Adjusting the timeline

You can adjust the timeline sliders to find inspections between certain dates. For example, you may want to see inspections that took place around the same time your school was last inspected, or find the most recent inspections in your area.

Have schools been reinspected since the period selected?

You may be looking at inspections that took place several years ago. If you want to see if those schools have had subsequent inspection since the selected time frame, simply click on the 'reinspected/'not reinspected' buttons' to further narrow your search.

Search by distance

You can use the distance slider to find Ofsted outcome further afield, closer to home, or even outside of your area if you select 'all authorities' from the LA dropdown menu.

Sorting the data

Click on the column headings to sort your search by school name, inspection date, outcome, or distance. On mobile device, use the sort button.

Add in other types of schools

Interested in other phases and types of schools? Click on the buttons phase buttons to add them to your search

Access other data

Click on the school name to switch to the performance tables page for that school, or click on inspection type to access the inspection reports.


Where a short inspection reveals improvement or concerns, this is indicated by a supplementary up arrow or warning triangle respectively. Otherwise a tick is used to show that the outcome of the previous full inspection has been maintained.

Please note: This is a free tool that uses data in the public domain, published here. It generates no revenue for Insight and is in no way affiliated to Ofsted.